History of the Golden Wildebeest

Golden Wildebeest naturally occurred along the Limpopo River basin, adjacent to the Tuli-Block of Botswana. The early farmers in the 1920’s referred to the Golden Wildeebeest as the “Vos Wildebeest”.

The York’s first Golden Wildebeest bull was captured by Alec Rough in the early 1990’s on the game farm Swinburne, in the Limpopo Valley. Swinburne provided us with excpetional breeding material as we were able to capture 5 unrelated golden bulls (including 32″ Larry) and numerous cows. This fantastic pool of genetically diverse animals formed the foundation of our herds, which can still be traced back in many of our current breeding animals.

Our first Golden Wildebeest bull, Alec in the 1990’s

golden wildebeest bull alec
golden wildebeest bull
golden wildebeest bull larry

Darted 32″ Golden Wildebeest Bull Larry, with Dr Louis Greeff

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Where we are today

Today we run multiple breeding projects across our two farms in Alma and Thabazimbi.

We pride ourselves on the genetic diversity within our herds, as well as breeding balanced animals. Our breeding bulls are masculine, fertile, and have all the desired traits you look for in a stud animal, including a sporting set of horns.

Our female animals are also selected for fertility, femininity, as well as horn length.

Our breeding philosophy has always been to breed a balanced animals, which is why we have always focussed on more than just a single trait.

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We have come a long way since our early days. Take a look at our current breeding projects.
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